Creative Writing

Writing isn’t always easy—it can be a difficult and time-consuming process. If you are looking for help, look no further! My creative writing services can help you bring an idea to life, including poems, stories, and more.


With approximately 200 poems published and more searching for homes, it should come as no surprise that poetry is one of my favourite forms! I’m happy to consider specific topics, formats, and other features to create the perfect poem for you. A love poem for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? You got it! Sing-song rhymes for your little one? Can do. $10 per stanza – See my previously published poems or books for examples of my work. 


Those who’ve found me through poetry might be surprised to learn that fiction was actually my first literary love. I’ll create a short story you can read to your kids or flame your spark of inspiration into a blazing, full-fledged fire. $20 per page – See my previously published prose for examples of my work.

Creative Writing FAQ

What exactly is creative writing?
Creative writing is a form of writing that is not constrained by the traditional rules of grammar and syntax. It is a form of writing that allows the writer to express their thoughts and feelings in a more free-flowing manner. It can also be used to tell stories, and to create characters and worlds that are not constrained by reality. Creative writing can be used to explore different ideas and concepts, and it can be a very powerful tool for self-expression.
What is poetry?
Poetry is the expression of powerful feelings in an imaginative and beautiful way. It can be about anything, and can be written in any form. Poetry is often about love, loss, and life’s big questions, but it can also be funny, light-hearted, and quirky. Good poetry is full of emotion and beauty, and it can make you feel things that you didn’t even know were possible.
What is prose?
Prose is the most common type of writing, consisting of words arranged in sentences, paragraphs, and chapters. It is distinguished from poetry by its more casual and informal tone, and its avoidance of meter and rhyme. Prose can be used for a variety of purposes, from fiction and nonfiction writing to official documents and corporate communications.
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