People tell you all the time that you should write a book, but you aren’t one for writing. You want to create an ebook based on your blog but don’t have the time to create one. Or, maybe you have a great story idea but need someone else to execute it. In any of these situations, my ghostwriting services can help!

Many of your favorite celebrities bring a book to life through a ghostwriter, so why not you?

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Below, you’ll find my projected rates for typical ghostwriting projects. Know that these are not necessarily indicative of your particular project’s cost—after discussing your specific needs and preferences, we’ll create a custom estimate for your book or other project.

Ghostwriting Rates

Nonfiction (sourced from existing content): $2,000 base

Nonfiction (from scratch): $15,000 base

Fiction: $10,000 base

Poetry: $7,500 base

Additional revisions: $500 each

Articles: see Content Creation & Strategy

Ghostwriting FAQ

What is a ghostwriter, anyway? 

A ghostwriter is someone who writes a work under someone else’s name. For instance, if a pop star wants to write a memoir but isn’t interested or able to write the book herself, she would hire a ghostwriter to create the manuscript, though it would list the celebrity herself as its author.

What types of content can you ghostwrite? 

As you’ll see in my rate estimates, I offer a versatile assortment of ghostwriting services. If you have an idea for a fiction or poetry book, I can help you transform it into an actual manuscript. If you want to write a memoir or put together a nonfiction project based on a blog or other resource, we can make that happen, too.

What about rights to the content?

All rights to the final piece of content will fall to its named author, be it an individual or organization.

Does a ghostwriter get acknowledged at all?

While ghostwriting itself is anonymous, some authors choose to include a note of attribution or appreciation to their ghostwriter in a book’s acknowledgments, copyright page, or elsewhere.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash