As a creative, you wear dozens of different hats, so to speak. You interview subjects for articles and podcasts, dictate content while crossing tasks off your to-do list, and do all of this while managing the “normal” responsibilities of day-to-day life. You don’t need to add transcribing content to your schedule—let me take care of the transcription for you!

I have more than five years of experience in versatile transcription with clients including authors, bloggers, podcasters, journalists, and more. I’ve played a role in projects ranging from medical transcription to real estate. I’ve even had the chance to work on interviews with best-selling authors and actors from series like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

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Below, you’ll find my projected rates for transcribing typical audio or video. Know that these are not necessarily indicative of your particular project’s cost—after reviewing snippets of the audio and discussing your needs, we’ll create a custom estimate for your transcription.

Transcription Rates

Basic audio: $1.00/audio minute

Difficult audio: + $0.50/audio minute

Rush order: + $0.50/audio minute

Please note that, should complications arise regarding difficult audio or similar concerns after this estimate is generated, additional charges may apply (with notification in advance, of course).

Transcription FAQ

What constitutes “difficult audio?” 

The phrase “difficult audio” can apply to a variety of different circumstances. Most often, this is due to speakers with heavy accents, muffled audio or frequent inaudible moments, or speakers talking over one another.

What is the standard turn-around time for transcriptions?

As a rule, you can expect your final, polished transcript within one week of finalizing our contract. Shorter projects may fall between 3-5 days while lengthier files may require additional time. The exact timing will vary on a case-by-case basis.

What constitutes a rush order?

Generally speaking, a rush order charge will apply to files under 30 audio minutes needed within 48 hours or over 30 minutes needed within five days.

Do you do transcription work elsewhere?

In addition to independent freelance clients, I accept occasional projects from Sonix.AI clients. Previously, I worked as a transcriptionist, grader, and quality control specialist for

Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash.

Juliette Sebock Freelance Transcription